Overhead Commercial Door Buying and Installation Considerations

Posted on: 14 December 2021

Commercial overhead doors are a common feature in warehouses and other businesses that will need to load and unload large trucks or to move large pieces of equipment. While a commercial overhead door can be an important addition to your building, you may want to avoid underestimating the types of factors that will influence your choice of a commercial overhead door.

Whether the Door Should Be Motorized

Raising and lowering the overhead door will be a task that your employees may need to do several times during the course of their shifts. To help make this easier and more efficient, you can install a motorized overhead door. This will allow your workers to more quickly raise the overhead door as well as potentially reduce the risk of injuries when raising or lowering the door manually. When choosing a motorized system, you will want to be mindful of where the control panel for it will be placed as it will need to be in an area that your employees can easily access.

The Weight of the Overhead Door

The weight of the overhead door is another consideration that you'll need to think about as you are evaluating your options. This is necessary whether you are planning for the door to be manually used or for it to be motorized. Heavier doors will be far more difficult for your workers to manually raise or lower, and if you are wanting to use a motorized system, the weight of the door will impact the type of motor that you will have to install. Luckily, there are overhead door options that are able to provide you with durable and secure performance while being as light as possible. As you are looking at potential commercial overhead doors, they will list their weight so that you can compare this important attribute.

The Overall Security of the Door

Keeping your business secure will start with ensuring that all of the doors and other entrances to the building are secured. Overhead doors can be a remarkably secure option for your building as these doors can be made of strong steel. These doors can also be equipped with a powerful locking system that will be able to prevent unauthorized individuals from being able to open the door. If your business utilizes a security system or other smart building management solution, the overhead doors may be integrated into these systems. Together, these benefits will allow your business to keep its overhead door as secure as possible despite the door greatly increasing the accessibility of the business's building.

If you are thinking about commercial overhead door installation, be sure to contact a local company.