How To Maintain Your Glass Shower Door Enclosure

Posted on: 1 December 2022

Glass shower cubicles will always make your bathroom feel modern as long as you maintain them. Neglected glass shower enclosures are unsightly and can cause health problems if mold grows on them. Luckily, you can keep your shower door enclosure in good condition by following these pointers.

Clean Often  

Maintaining a clean bathroom is necessary if you want a sparkling glass shower enclosure. Regretfully, most folks assume that the shower enclosures don't need to be cleaned often. Well, that's where they go wrong. As a responsible person, you must clean the enclosure once every week. After all, it should only take a few minutes to do the cleaning.

Keep the Shower Cubicle Dry

You must keep your shower cubicle dry for it to last long. So, clean the bathroom and dry the cubicle once you finish showering. A clean, dry cloth should be enough to dry the moisture on the glass enclosure. If you can keep the shower cubicle dry and aerated, you'll never have to deal with mold.

Invest in a Protective Coating

Assuming your glass shower enclosure doesn't have a protective coating, you can invest in one. The protective coating makes cleaning the glass shower enclosure pretty easy. You just need to hire an expert to pick the right product and apply it to your shower enclosure and door. The protective coat has water-repelling and stain-resistant properties that should help extend the lifespan of your shower enclosure.

Use Mild Soap 

As much as cleaning the glass shower enclosure is crucial, you must also use the right products. Experts recommend using mild soap on the enclosure and shower door. Mild soap should get the job done without ruining the glass or hardware. Besides, you'll never have to deal with toxic fumes when using mild detergents.

Avoid Abrasive Products

Keeping your shower door enclosure clean is vital. However, you should remember that glass is quite delicate. So, as you avoid using harsh cleaners, do the same when choosing a cleaning cloth. Experts recommend using a sponge or microfiber cloth when cleaning shower glass. At least these materials won't leave scratch marks on the glass.

Rinse After Use

Cleaning your shower door enclosures once a week should help. However, you'll also need to rinse the shower enclosure after use. It's the only way to deal with soap scum on your enclosure. Luckily, rinsing shouldn't take much time, as you'll just need clean water and a squeegee. So, have your family do this if you don't want to see spots on your glass enclosure.