The Two Main Types Of Roll Up Doors

Posted on: 30 June 2020

Roll-up doors are an important part of any business with a physical storefront. They offer security and ease of use for kiosks, garages, windows, and mall stores. They are an ideal choice for spaces with limited room, as the thin slats that make up the door roll up into a compact space. There are a variety of options to choose from when picking which type of roll-up doors is best for your business, but two main types dominate.

Before You Begin

Before you choose which type of roll-up door is best for you, it's important to have the measurements of the spaces you plan to add the door to. This is true even if you plan to install the doors yourself—which can be doable but is not always the best choice—or if you choose installation services. The dimensions of your space of choice will affect the price of the roll-up doors. These kinds of doors are usually custom-made to the environment. Plus, different roll-up doors require different minimum measurements.

Grille or Closed

There are many bells and whistles available for your roll-up door of choice depending on your choices and the space you have available, but one important consideration is whether you want grille roll-up doors or regular closed doors. Grille doors allow for the maximum amount of airflow into an area possible while still keeping the space secure. They can also be used for windows, such as with certain cashier windows, for the maximum amount of visibility. If you want airflow but aren't interested in visibility, there are also bug doors, so-called because they are intended to block bugs and birds from entering your protected space while still providing ventilation. 

However, if neither visibility nor ventilation is a concern, then you can simply order a regular roll-up door with your choice of materials and dimensions. The right choices will depend on your space and needs, so it's important to ask your roll-up door installer what specific qualities are best for your area. Storefronts for restaurants and bakeries will have different needs than those of jewelry stores and clothing departments.

Custom-made storefront doors are an important part of your business's security and maintenance. Many companies offer roll-up doors and installation for your building or facility. These roll-up doors differ in many ways, but the two main ways differ in terms of visibility and airflow. With the proper care put into choosing the right type of roll-up door, you can protect your business with ease.

For more information on storefront security, talk with roll-up door installation services in your area.