Setting Up A Safe Room In Your Home

Posted on: 20 June 2018

Are you troubled every time you watch the daily news? You may be recalling a different time when people didn't even have to lock their front doors, knowing that they would be safe. Remember when you let your kids play outside, even in the evenings? Even though there are wonderful things to say about living in this time of history, because of drugs and other evils, you have more than likely been thinking that it's time to create a safe room in your house. From choosing the room you'll convert into a safe room to buying a bullet resistant door for the room, here are some ideas that might help you.

Which Room? - Think of a room in your house that you can best transform into a room that could not be reached by intruders. It might be that you don't have the perfect room for that purpose, but, making some changes, you can still transform a room into a place where you and your family could be safe. For example, consider using a bedroom that has an adjoining bathroom as part of the design. Besides the obvious reason the bathroom would be a good room to use, it also would mean that you'd have access to drinking water. Perhaps your master bedroom would be the best room to transform into a safe room. More than likely, your master bedroom has the largest closet in the house. You could use part of the closet for the installation of a small refrigerator. Think of putting a small generator in the room, too, just in case you lose power during the time that you are having to stay in the room. 

Which Modifications? - Even if you store food and other necessities in your safe room, they probably won't do you a lot of good if dangerous intruders can still enter the room. Think of buying bullet resistant windows and a bullet resistant door to replace those you already have. Of course, nothing is one hundred percent effective, but having bullet resistant doors and windows would certainly make it a lot harder for those who have evil intent to reach you and your family. Perhaps bullet resist windows and doors are more expensive than regular ones, but the time might come when you'll realize they were one of the best investments you've ever made. The company that sells them will be able to direct you to the best door for the area you've chosen for your safe room.