Window-Replacement Questions You Might Need Answered

Posted on: 17 January 2017

There are few factors that will play a bigger role in your home's interior comfort and energy efficiency than the condition of the windows. When your windows are starting to show signs of aging, it might be necessary to invest in upgrading them. Learning more about the options available for this upgrade will provide you with a stronger ability to make rational choices for your home.

Will Upgrading Your Windows Always Require Changing the Frame?

There is a commonly held misconception that upgrading your windows will always necessitate replacing the frame. While it is common for homeowners to update their window frames, there may be instances where it is preferable to keep the original frames. Luckily, window inserts can be the perfect option for those that are wanting the benefits of upgrading their glass.

When you opt to have window inserts installed, the glass will be removed from your existing windows so that new glass can be installed. While this can be an excellent option for some homeowners, it may not always be practical. In particular, when the frame has suffered extensive structural damage, it will not be strong enough to support the new glass, and that will make replacing the entire frame the best option.

Can You Opt for Insulated Glass When You Choose Window Inserts?

A highly effective way of boosting the energy efficiency of your home's windows is to opt for insulation glass. This type of window design uses dual panes of glass with a clear but insulating gas between them. Unfortunately, this type of glass may not be suitable for frames that are particularly narrow.

However, you may still be able to enjoy energy-efficient glass. This is possible through adding special films to the glass. These films are able to stop much of the sun's heat from entering the home, and that can help to keep your house cool on hot days.

Why Is It Important to Leave Installing Window Inserts to the Professionals?

There are some homeowners that may want to attempt to install window inserts without hiring a professional. This mistake can prove to be extremely costly, as an improperly installed window insert can lead to drafts in the home. Additional, improper installation can also expose the home to a risk of water damage. Unfortunately, you may not notice this water damage until it has had the time to become extremely severe. For example, water seeping through the gaps between the glass and frame can cause mold to grow behind the wall near the window and can lead to both expensive repairs and potential health problems.

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