Top Considerations When Replacing Your Worn Out Garage Door Opener

Posted on: 4 March 2016

If you have to make repairs to your garage door opener more often than once every year or two, it's probably time for you to replace the old with new. When you are shopping for a new garage door opener, there will be several options to consider. Here, you will find a list of things to consider as you shop around so that you can more easily find the garage door opener that will suit your needs and prove to be a sound investment for your home.


Garage doors utilize four different types of drive systems.

  • Screw drive – reliable and quiet, somewhat complicated to install and is more expensive than the other options.
  • Direct drive – quiet, reliable and low-maintenance, but not a cheap option.
  • Belt drive – quiet, long-lasting, inexpensive but not the most reliable option.
  • Chain drive – inexpensive, reliable, easy to install, long-lasting and easy to install.

In most residential garages you will find chain or belt driven garage door openers. If you aren't concerned about the amount of noise the garage door opener makes when it is being used, the chain drive opener is your best choice. If you have a bedroom or living space above the garage, you probably want a quieter model utilizing a belt drive.


Consider the warranty that comes with each garage door that you are considering. If a manufacturer is confident that their products will provide their customers with years of trouble-free use, they will offer a great warranty and back it up. Different levels of warranties are offered including:

  • Motor warranty – only covers motor repairs
  • Parts warranty – only covers parts replacements
  • Belt warranty – only covers belt repairs
  • Limited warranty – limits the parts and labor of repairs
  • Full warranty – covers any and all repairs needed during the length of the warranty

Backup Battery

If you experience power outages often, it might be in your best interest to look for a garage door opener that has a backup battery. This will allow you to use your garage door opener while the power is out. You won't have to worry about disengaging the emergency latch to manually open and close the garage door.

Exterior Entry Pad

Do you want the ability to open your garage door from outside without having to find your remote? If so, a garage door opener with an exterior entry pad is a good option. This openers require the use of a short pin code to open the garage door. This can be especially helpful if you lock your keys in the house, if you have contractors visiting your home often or to give your family instant access to the garage when you aren't home.

Talk with your local garage door expert (like A Premier Door Corporation) to learn more about choosing the garage door opener to replace the old worn out system you are constantly repairing now.